The purpose of the Cult of Male

So I asked Ashwin why he became a member of this rather obscure group.

And he answered that as a member he could expect a long earthly life and absolute sexual pleasure in this earthly life. He said that all members of the cult are highly successful, and that they all attributed it to the knowledge the cult provides.

Biological procreation at a high rate, he says, is very much encouraged, as it does, indeed, extend a man's lifespan through generations of offspring.

Yes, he says, reverse genetic engineering, or the growth of parent organisms from child organisms, is still in its infancy in our capsule of the multiverse. But the technology develops fast even in our capsule. Certainly, however, men without children are considered unlikely.

So, how many children do senior members have?

Haha, more than 100. Ashwin's words.

I say: so no members in Mainland China.

Oh yes, he says, we have members in mainland China. But "janaka" (yes, i was able to hear it clearly this time) advises us to have children at many different locations, with many different mothers.


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